The Kennelly Family History

The Kennelly Family History

Kennelly is a modern day spelling of an old Irish name - O Coingheallaigh.  This name is derived from the word "coinnioll", meaning pledge. More common spellings of Kennelly include Kinneally and Kenealy.

The O Coingheallaigh family were employees of the O'Davorins of West Cork, Ireland.  They held lands at Drinagh near Drimoleague.  The family spread north to Ormand in County Kilkenny.  One branch of the family also settled in the barony of Connello in County Limerick.

The modern day Kennelly's in this branch of the family ended up in Milwaukee, WI, via Cleveland, OH.   If you have any information that you would like to share on the Kennelly's, or if you would like further information, feel free to email us.

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