Trettin History

The Trettins come from Kreis Cammin, Pommern, Germany at the turn of the century.  Augusta Trettin immigrated to Milwaukee, WI, USA, shortly before the turn of the century.  There she married Herman Fischer.

[Map of Pommern]

The Trettin family kept in contact via letters.  Some of the letters still exist, though untranslated from German.  They range in date from 1891 to 1948.  Some of the people who sent the letters include Maria Trettin (later writing as Maria Trettin Bauer), Wilhelm Trettin, Willi Trettin, Emil Trettin, Otto Trettin, Anna Trettin, Augusta Trettin, Richard Bartelt, Emilie Bartelt (later writing as Emilie Schultz),  and August Bartelt. The Trettin letters come from Kreis Cammin, the Bartelt letters come from Zimmerhausen.  The exact relationship to these Trettins has yet to be determined.

The Trettins moved from Kreis Cammin to Reinbek, Hamburg after the war, as detailed in a letter from Maria Bauer Trettin, dated December 29, 1948.  It read:

Bez. Hamburg
Prahlsdorferweg 36.

From our cousin Louise Czarapeta in Milwaukee we got your address.  It made us very happy to hear about you and we only wish Grandmother could have seen that day.  Grandmother died on February 27th 1944, she was 84 years of age and has told us alot about you

Grandfather died 1919 after he has been ill for a long time (August Trettin).  We had to leave our farm and home as it became polish.  Now we live near Hamburg.

Hoping to hear from you sometime I'll close and wish you all the best.

Yours, Maria Bauer - Trettin

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